Saturday, 21 April 2012

What I'll Miss from NZ

This is what I'll miss:

1) Good coffee (the Arabic stuff is like drinking sand)
2) Energy drinks (V. Red Bull, Mother, Demon etc - all banned in Iraq)
3) Baths
4) Flushing sit-down toilets
5) Showers
6) Salmon sushi
7) McDonalds, fish and chips, Indian takeaways, Hell pizza, and oh just about any kind of takeaways really

You know, these things are like my staples in NZ, my feel-good things. Am sending myself a care-package of V's, Red Bulls, and peanut slabs so it will be a treat for a bit. But then there are lots of things there that make me feel good - the quiet, the space, the people. So I guess I'll be ok, yeah?

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