Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chicago: Day 1

Managed to film one of the new refugee Assyrian families the nite before I left NZ, left 4 hrs to pack up the house and my bag. Ada had to help me pack and we arrived at airport 5 mins before check in closed. She is to be praised for her calm. Flights were ok, long queues in LA and I lost a tripod in transit but it's turned up ok. So tired when I got here I slept in my clothes with the lights on. Hotel is nice, but not good for transport so I might move. My contact in Chicago is Peter who runs an Assyrian news website that has been tracking the violence towards Assyrians in Iraq. But he also teaches dance, is a software developer and classically trained musician, so multi talented, incredibly bright and I have to nearly run to catch up with him when we walk anywhere. He reminds me of the Assyrian activist I met in Beirut: kind, ascerbic, intense. I wonder if it's cultural. We talked and talked and talked about Assyrian stuff. I left my net book in NZ which is a bit crippling, so he kindly took me to an Apple store where I bought this iPad. Not sure what's happening tomorrow. He just said "We'll talk".


  1. calm is my middle name. glad to hear you arrived safely. and not wasting any time! really great to follow your blog!

  2. Great to know u are following! Xxx