Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cultural expedition - the supermarket

Yesterday I went to stock up on food, took a taxi to a large supermarket called Jewel-Osco. All the shops in this area are huge, they have so much space I guess. Excited cos they had soy yoghurt so tried to find soy cheese as well (accommodating my dairy allergy). Was told it was in what I heard as the "proto's" section. No idea what that was (maybe the "protein" section?). Kept asking round, and eventually was directed to the "pro - DOOS" section. As in fruit and vege 'produce'.

Also had to apologise at one point for driving my trolley on the "wrong" side. When I came out there was a guy taking donations for poppies like for ANZAC. Today is Memorial Day, but they also have Veteran's Day and Flag Day and another one I can't remember. He and this other guy were going on about how they always have their US flag up in the window, and how they knock on people's doors when they see one that is faded or needs replacing. Proud to be American.

Saw some Jewish boys too at the supermarket, with their little round caps pinned on by a hair clip, or wearing black hats and coats and white shirts with tassels. Looked stunning, tho they looked pretty pasty-faced and geeky. I wonder how cool it is to be a Jewish boy in America.

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