Friday, 18 May 2012

Even further there ..

The house is looking heaps better, painters nearly finished (we had a "discussion" which in part was about how way past schedule they are). Boxed up my gear for Iraq and weighed it - 153 kg, which sounds alot, but its my IMAC, books, clothes, gifts and lots of small things that will be a mission for me to get in Iraq. I'd rather be editing or filming than looking for a shampoo thats good for coloured hair.

Property manager came over yesterday with prospective tenants and they said it was one of the best they had seen and they had been looking all over Wellington. Also some 'relocation' ladies who made pleasant murmurings and said I would have no problem finding a tenant, so ALL GOOD!

Only 4 days till I go and I just might get everything done.

I had been trying to curry favour with Refugee Services to get one of the recent Assyrian refugee families just arrived to agree to be filmed - this would be an ace as I can then follow them when I get back - their progress in NZ. I didn't hold high hopes - its so hard to get people to agree to be filmed sometimes, especially people that don't know you. But they rang today to say they have a family!

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