Thursday, 28 June 2012

And .. Not so much fun at the Y-M-C-A...

Hasn't been a great time here. The first time I haven't felt comfortable in another culture. The black women in the hostel may or may not be friendly (its a guessing game) and alot of them have "attitude" as one guy who has been helpful puts it, and then I walk outside to the shops and I get stared by all the Puerto Ricans like they are suspicious of me. The shops are crazy too, underneath an overheard train line so it's REALLY noisy and its all messy and kind of dirty.

During the day they have Zumba classes and so forth at the Y and in the evening ppl drive around with loud music from their cars. Today the girl in the room next to mine was playing loud rap with the door open.

Feeling really fragile and tired. Was thinking about moving but just heard I have the interview on Monday so will hang on I think. Wanted to see some of the sights of the city but can't quite face it yet. Am staying at the Y cos its cheaper and close to the interviewee. Oh well.


  1. doesn't sound much fun Helen.....Your brave to stick it out...Thankyou for my cool elephant postcard-it has gone on the fridge.

  2. Hi Bridget, glad you got yr card! Another one is coming. Yeah, am glad I stuck it out, it's turned out ok. And quite good in some ways. Thanks for your support! Xxx