Saturday, 23 June 2012


Got to airport this morning, couple kilos overweight baggage (I have a lot of gear) they were going to charge me $180 USD $90 per bag) plus $30 standard fee per bag ($60 for two). I chucked some gear out and walked up to a security person to let them know I was leaving some gear behind (ie. no bombs). She slightly sourly told me I couldn't do that, had to take everything with me, I said I couldn't so she walked off to find somebody. I was gonna be late for my flight so I quietly left them behind a pillar and waited in line at check in (very slow). Someone spotted the gear and asked if it was mine. I fessed up and they told me I had to take it. I said I couldn't because it was excess and I couldn't afford to pay (small lie). They looked at me unappreciatively but I carried on waiting, so they said I could put it in the garbage.

Got to the counter only to find I had missed my flight. Next flight same time tomorrow. Grrrr. Am just hanging out at the airport trying to chill. It's the first flight I have missed in my entire life. I do have a slightly dont care (or is it why bother?) attitude about a lot of things lately. But it did upset me a bit. Honestly there is nothing like an airport to make me behave my worst.

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  1. Gosh Helen I would be so stressed but you seem to have this great determination.....and humour