Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bye to Boston

Had the interview yesterday, it was not absolutely simple, despite Sargon's easygoing nature - I think because of the subject matter (and a lift next to the interview room sounding like a toilet flushing). Sargon and his wife were so cool, we went out for dinner twice and I met his parents and cats.

The hostel was closer to a designer hotel than a hostel, the girls in my room were nice, everyone around came from interesting places.

One afternoon my roommate (from China) went for a heritage trail walk and we found this cool old synagogue that had been partially restored to reveal different murals of different eras of the building. Kind of like a story of that particular Jewish community.

I would recommend coming to Boston. Maybe it's something to do with its British heritage, it's kind of elegant but yet relaxed. I wish I had some photos on my iPad of it to post. It's been a great mind refreshing place.

At the airport now, the nicest experience in the whole of the US so far.