Saturday, 14 July 2012

Interview with Professor Donabed

Professor Sargon Donabed who I am interviewing here in Boston on Monday about Assyrian history in the last 100 years is totally cool and groovy and will make it really easy.

The hostel is also totally cool though it's easy to feel a little alone, but I have my thing to do so I just need to focus on that. It's a big change after being surrounded by some of the problems of humanity to the land of the young and slightly privileged. It makes me feel more positive, especially about making the film. I wake up thinking about it but the fear of failing doesn't seem so great. Not that I am sure I won't fail but that at least I will have learnt things, and I think to me learning is really important.

Walking up to Boston Public Library today to see if we can use it as a venue for the interview. Though I have a few interviews with books as a background so not completely happy with it but can't come up with something else at such quick notice.

Then I'll come back to work on the questions and slant of the interview.

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