Sunday, 22 July 2012

Went to a picnic yesterday at a park in Toronto - huge park, Assyrians everywhere. But the things that don't mix with me are here in abundance - lots of people and lots of noise and me just supposed to hang around and enjoy (I don't). Wish I could just hang with the girls and leave it at that.

Today going to another picnic, but this one is fundraising for Zowa'a the political party which is in the doco so I will take some footage, give me something to do. Could have yesterday but the effect of being around people and noise is me feeling completely drained so I didn't. (Sneakily took my Kindle instead. But unfortunately this had the effect of being periodically asked if I was ok. How do I explain - I am just really introverted!)

Called another activist/lobbyist today, Michael Youash. Really glad about this because I think he will be key to to film, a number of people in the US recommended him. I think he has been away and I was worried I would miss him.

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