Sunday, 26 August 2012

Another one night stand

At Canadiana Backpackers for one night, before heading to another hostel.

Was wandering around Toronto's Little Italy today trying to get some shots of 'italianess' to show how historically multicultural Toronto is. Now I feel dog tired. Not brilliantly successful. There's always the thing of people not liking being filmed but it's such a pain to ask (and get turned down. I never take it very well). I will review what I've done.

Came back and got invited to hang out with some people from my room: Swiss, German, Finnish and Swedish. There have been so many Germans at these hostels. These were very cool in a nice way, though I felt shy and awkward. They seemed very 'evolved'. The people at the other hostels weren't as friendly or as interesting - at the HI-Toronto the guys seemed to spend their whole time either on pub crawls or hitting on girls or, sensibly, both at the same time.

(Funnily enough one of the guys from Sweden's mum works with refugees and migrants and he knew all about the Iraqi refugee community there).

Am in the kitchen surrounded by Japanese who are cooking really good food and I wish I could have some.

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