Saturday, 25 August 2012

In this slightly weird hostel for one night and am sharing my room just with one other guy - a surfer dude from Adelaide with a massive hangover. I hope he goes out. We don't appear to have much in common, the room is quite small and he's been not super friendly. On the website it said a mixed dorm of 4.

I've just discovered surveillance cameras in the lounges. Why? And the lounge lights are on a motion sensor so they switch off after a while even though you are still there. Sooo annoying. They also photocopied my credit card - I did question this but they said they had to. The place is run by Indians. Not to be racist or anything.

(It has really bad reviews on all the websites but everything else was booked).

Went to the Bata Shoe Museum today which was slightly disappointing because I thought there would be some shoes of Lady Gaga's. But they had a pair of Elvis' loafers, Elton John's platforms and a boot that belonged to John Lennon. Also a large and beautiful collection of beaded American Indian moccasins. I guess it's the kind of thing one might see at Te Papa. I just thought there would be more.

(Below is the "Game Centre" of the hostel, consisting of dusty glass chess and backgammon sets and a pack of cards. Among other things, there is also a doll's head).

NB. Roommate just went out. Woohoo! But ... he locked me out. Damn it.


  1. Hi Helen I found your blog by accident and started reading it because I went to school with a 'Helen Donelly' and continued reading because you are doing something special to you.

    i long ago decided that you're far too young to have been at school in the 1950's. So go on with your project and I will go on enjoying reading about it. Yvonne (Dunedin NZ)

  2. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for stepping out of the virtual world and sending your support. That's a real compliment that you are reading on. I'm sorry I was not your friend, I hope you find her. X Helen