Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mississauga, Toronto

Landed safely in Mississauga, but it's still part of Toronto, just one of the new suburbs sprung up, where all the houses look like they were made out of those cardboard kitsets we used to make up as kids, where the buildings are made of brick. All the same with tiny variations and so close together.

But definitely 10 steps up from where I was staying and such a relief to have privacy and quiet...

I never liked NZ's immigration policies, thinking they were too strict, but in Canada it is the opposite - its open arms to everyone. And it has created a building explosion in Toronto, and places that arent good for people to live. I think. This suburb is only 10 years old, and its completely full.

Staying with a lady and her family, her daughter is married to the professor I interviewed in Boston. They kindly I suggested I could stay with them. They've been really nice. The awkwardness of stepping into someone's family, and a different culture too, but I think its getting better.

Playing a waiting game with some potential interview contacts, feel a bit bad about presupposing on their generosity. Using the time to brush up on Assyrian - language, recipes, all good :)

She lives with a small grandson, Yousip, who demands alot of attention, but manages to be cute and adorable at the same time. Its nice getting some family time, I don't have it at home.

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