Saturday, 8 September 2012

Laundromat, Queen St West

Had to use the laundromat today because although the owners of Clarence Castle are wonderful, they are just a bit slack getting things fixed.

Way more interesting than washing at the hostel.

A girl turned up with two guys, who were both drunk (time = midday). They left and she started telling me how she was Inuit and had moved from up north to be with these guys and didn't know they were homeless until she got there. Now she has to get enough money to get back home. She was so tired from not enough sleep.

Then another guy came in, kind of groovy looking but was ranting about how he hated going to the laundromat and it took up his whole day and was worse than going to the dentist. He was very funny, I was laughing, but he must have been on something.

Another guy had come in before with a partially shaved head and tattoos on his face, underneath his eyes. He was asking me how the dryers worked.

So it was an intense 45 minutes.

It was on Queen St which used to be the hippest area in Toronto. Now its moved outwards cos of, I don't know what, real estate I guess. Funny how a city can change.

(Below is the guy ranting about his laundry):

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