Tuesday, 11 September 2012


There's this lady in my room, other people told me she was a filmmaker and had a short film competing in the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) which is on now.

I swore I wouldn't talk to her because I thought she would be really up herself (who wouldn't?) but then I decided to and she gave me a copy of her film to watch. It was great, really, and reminded me of all my favourite filmmakers, it was artistic and contemplative and abstract. I talked to her and turns out she likes those filmmakers too and references them a lot. What's the chance ay?

She is Italian and looks like someone out of a European film herself - like Amelie or Juliette Binoche but better, with a little gap in her teeth and effortless elegance. But shes also incredibly nice and seems to lack ego completely. She has got me some free tickets to go with her to some of the films at the festival.

I am finding it difficult to keep it together and I am completely star struck.

Tonight we are going to a film about Afghanistan.

Her film is called The Mutability of Everything and the Possibility of Changing Some.

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