Saturday, 6 October 2012

I had a dream ...

Of one day getting it together to have real go at Super 8 mm film, or at least incorporate some footage into my doco. So I signed up for this short course and went to the first of two afternoons. Could never get this in NZ cos you can't buy the film anymore. But here they have a whole film festival of it, god darn it.

Was very cool to do this tho the teacher (he's made over 300 Super 8mm films) was more interested in experimental effects - like swinging the camera round on the end of a wire - rather than something more narrative, which is what I was hoping for, but still.

It's funny it's so lo-tech to everything we have now, clunky and awkward, you have to slow down a bit.

(But I have just found an iPhone/iPad App called iSupr8 - makes Super 8-like movies complete with flicker, grain and scratches).

So here we have the Nizo 561...

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