Sunday, 14 October 2012

Chicago getaway

Taking the photos at the Oriental Institute was amazing - it was a recon for when I come back and use my tripod (museum closed, security guard, lot of palaver). But even without the tripod the results were great.

I got lost coming home at night on the trains so had to walk for miles and earlier tripped on a footpath and fell on my face, so next day was too tired to do anything. It also might have been the end of a head cold, not enough iron, my dairy allergy, I dunno. Annoying, and the next day was similar.

I do find Chicago a bugger to get around, unless you take lots of taxis. I have all my gear and the trains often only have stairs, and in the centre of town the system is quite complex. Not like Toronto which is simple and centralised.

Last night I stayed at a Holiday Inn hotel c/o an air miles voucher, which had an amazing view out over an older part of the central city (see photo).

Am now at the last hostel for the Chicago trip, returning on Thurs. It hasn't been amazingly productive, an interviewee has postponed twice, another we were both two tired (after 2hrs on the trains getting there). And tiredness and the weather has cut out extra filming. But hopefully I'll get the interviews done. Its a bit tight - it will be 4 shoots in 5 days, one the day after I get back to Toronto.

As I was walking to a supermarket just before I freaked out when I walked past this skeleton in a doorway (below). I wish we did that kind of stuff in NZ. Flag the trick or treating.

They also have these amazing pumpkins that are perfect for carving up to make those lanterns. Fat, round and truly orange.


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