Saturday, 18 August 2012

Just bored

I think I'm just bored. The family are nice and it's so good of them to have me to stay. I felt guilty this morning because I got up really late and the daughter-in-law was doing all the housework and the dishes were done. Oops.

Have gone for a break at the local library. Last night was supposed to interview a guy who got his leg blown off guarding a church in Baghdad but it got postponed. Have to wait for a new time.

Booked into a backpackers downtown but may postpone for the interview. Have got one with an Assyrian immigration counsellor on Wed so that's something good.

Maybe I'll feel better once Im in Toronto itself. I loved it when I lived in Cambridge, Ont. It was the most exciting thing ever! One reason why staying in these suburbs has been such a shocker. This suburb - Mississauga - barely existed when I lived in Canada.

The shopping centre across from the library consists of Indian dress shops, restaurants and Subway.

I don't know if I get cultures living in cultureless contexts.

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  1. HMmm yes-again in that doco-a Niuean was talking about not wanting to go back to Niue because there are so much more Niuens in NZ than Niue now and she thinks that her culture is just as accessible here.....So what keeps a culture alive?Can be such a grey area apart from the obvious answer of people....