Monday, 3 September 2012

I so like this hostel

A really nice day today, no stress, no filming (Canada Labour Day so nothing happening).

Got bitten during the night so had to change all my sheets and tell the owner so he could check for bed bugs. No signs (maybe it was mosquitoes) but I was in a room that had had a few. Owner was totally cool about it, apparently it happens a lot.

Took a look at the balcony of the hotel where I thought I might have left the tripod but saw nothing. Went to Tim Horton's for a maple donut and iced coffee, then bought some groceries. So nice walking around the downtown streets of Toronto, especially as there weren't many people, except for a crowd all happy coming out of a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.

Came back to the hostel and the washing machine was broken so I did my washing by hand in the bathroom sink and rinsed it in the shower (no plug for the sink so I used a plastic bag).

Put them in the dryer and have been waiting for them, while the owners' dog Lili keeps me warm. So nice to have the fur factor.

Will microwave my dinner then either go to bed or they might have a movie night tonight. Last week I had just arrived and was too tired. I hope they have it this week.

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