Sunday, 23 September 2012

I just remembered..

.. A few years back when I was hanging out with the lesbians, I tried some dope and I had this compulsive idea that what I should do is quit my job and take photographs.

It scared me because it was such a strong idea and kept looping back and growing (a characteristic of dope?) that it put me off trying it again. I didn't want to ruin my future.

(I did try dope once again but I was off my anti-depressants and I got incredibly paranoid. I was with my punk lesbian friend who had just broken up with her girlfriend and was getting mean and messing with my head. It totally put me off. Put me off her too. Such is my drug-taking history).

But anyway, though I'm not taking photographs, it's close, and I have quit my job to just do that. Dope - dangerous and prophetic! I'm still going to steer clear of it. There's some young French guys here that basically do it nightly, as well as drink.

It's a bit like living or reliving a young adulthood here at times. I like that.

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