Monday, 30 July 2012

Little Women

Bit of a difficult day here a few days ago. I think the pressures of living here have their say, there's been 4 or 5 lots of tears since I arrived. But they seem to bounce back.

The household laptop which is the main entertainment/lifeline for the girls got broken when it was grabbed out of the hands of one who was accused of having it too long.

My iPad does double time now.

The photo below is of Katy who was ostracized for a day for the offence. She slept a lot and tried to keep out of everyone's way.

The sisters are all such individuals, it reminds me of the girls in Little Women, they seem kind of romantic. Katy is the languid, melancholy one with pale skin, prone to depressions. I love taking photos of her because the way she sits or looks (or sleeps as below) is always artistically beautiful.

Yesterday I was taken as alibi for a secret rendezvous with the boyfriend of Sara. We went to see Batman and honestly I don't know how Sara got to retell the story of the film to her family when we got back. The back row was fully utilized, albeit in a fairly innocent fashion. She is nineteen but boyfriends are kept under wraps until engagement is definitely on the cards.

I don't think she had been to a cinema theatre before as initially was not keen to go but after arriving and discovering the advantages, she was pretty happy. She wants me to stay longer for a birthday party of her boyfriend on 17th of August (yes I will be the alibi I guess). I love staying with the family so I will ask if it's ok.

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