Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Catch 22

I've just learnt the the oldest sister, Katy, would like to go to university here in Canada, but of course as recent migrants with a father not working, the family can't afford it. As she says "Everything here is money, money, money. Not like Iraq".

University in Iraq is free, but she couldn't go because the south of the Kurdistan border all the Arabic speaking universities are now in dangerous areas. In Kurdistan all universities are safe but teach in Kurdish which is a language she doesn't know, like most Assyrians.

Catch 22. It makes me sad. I love learning and understand how good it can make you feel. I might be crap at everything else - jobs, relationships, money, but learning has always saved me.

And she's not the kind of girl to suit working in some physically draining dead end MacJob; she floats around like a ghost here.

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