Tuesday, 24 July 2012

YWAM Cambridge memory lane

Yesterday I was picked up by an old friend found on Facebook from my year and a half in Canada 24 yrs ago.

He took me to the christian Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base in Cambridge, an hour out of Toronto that we used to live at. It was a performing arts campus and I had gone there to learn dance and drama. Nothing there of a reminder - originally a military training camp, with severe brick buildings and an asphalt parade ground. Now a mini subdivision of retirement homes (see photo).

He took me to where we used to get ice cream (Baskin Robbins) and coffee (Tim Horton's) and to the mall which was our main source of entertainment. The mall is now huge and glamourous, and Baskin Robbins has moved.

It was fantastic to relive some memories. I had such fun with Rudie - he would take me to the movies and even roller skating. Late night coffee and pie when I needed to get away from the base, defying curfew.

Often I've thought "going back" is a bad idea, but in this case it wasn't. Thanks Rudie.

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