Thursday, 19 July 2012

Assyrians in Canada ex Syria

Arrived in Toronto yesterday, to stay with a family I met in Syria last year when they were waiting for UNHCR to transfer them here. The mother said she cried when they arrived. It's not the Western paradise they were hoping for. They live in a suburb full of tall apartments saturated with migrants, next to a main road. It's dull and slightly depressing.

I feel sad but ... it's why I don't want Assyrians to leave Iraq.

Having fun with the family, I sleep in the same room as their three daughters. They have two bedrooms for 7 people, typical Iraqi-style. But I get tired easily, my introversion making itself felt! Today we are waiting for the mother's sister to arrive from Chicago who she hasn't seen for 13 years. Typical of Assyrians spread throughout the world.

(Sara and Joseph below)

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